In today’s world where nearly everyone is online, cyber-attacks on data are becoming increasingly common. Cyber-attacks on your business and customer data can be costly and time-consuming so therefore the need for security and data protection is a must.

Our Managed Security services ensure that your data is safely protected and secured from any malicious attacks like viruses, hacking, malware and various other cyber-attacks. At Ample IT Solutions, we can take care of all your cybersecurity needs, we offer a range of network and cyber security solutions tailored to your needs to assist you in protecting your business systems and networks.

Our suggested antivirus is a cloud console, offered as a service, that ensures real-time visibility for on-premise and off-premise endpoints as well as full reporting and security management for all OSes.

It is a single pane of glass over all the security solutions deployed in the network. It controls endpoint prevention, detection and response layers across all platforms covering desktops, servers, virtual machines and even managed mobile devices.

SaaS Defence For Essential Business Data

On some occasions, antivirus is not enough to prevent cyber-attacks.  Our SaaS application security protects your business and employees from threats commonly found in email and files stored in SaaS services.

  • Detects known and unknown threats in active SaaS files
  • Protect SaaS files stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, Box, and more
  • Identify malicious documents including threats contained in embedded URLs in SaaS files
  • Operate with full visibility into SaaS services
  • Pinpoint users affected by threats in SaaS files


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